October 18, 2021

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7 Chadwick Boseman Movies To Stream To Remember The Great Actor

It is still hard to believe that Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther Star has passed away in the age of 43 has left a great legacy behind. To keep him alive here is a list of Chadwick Boseman movies that yo are able to watch in memory of the great actor:

21 Bridges

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There is something very special about Chadwick Boseman movies and how the late actor could nail every character. he served as a really good option for directors, a reliable co-star and also an inspiration for a whole generation. This movie see Chadwick play a cop with a motive for revenge but is actually some one revealed to be a trustworthy official. Anthony and Joe Russo had also produced this movie.

Black Panther

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Black Panther ; Directed By Ryan Coogler

This is one of the best representations of Chadwick Boseman movies and also to the type of impact he had for generations to come. Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler, is every bit of a great marvel movie and is it a superhero movie. You can watch is at many times and the main casr including Michael B Jordan and Chadwick will still amaze you. This movie is now streaming on Disney +.

Da 5 Blood

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Directed by Spike Lee is one again a testimony to the actor You are able to currently stream this movie on Netflix. Makes for a good watch and also well worth your time. We suggest watch this movie on a full HD tv and give yourself some more time to remember the late actor.

Avengers: Infinity War

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Avengers Infinity War is a magnum opus film with a great diverse cast of characters that you have known and loved for over a decade. Chacwick however still made his presence felt no matter how big or small the project be. He had a dignified presence as T’Challa, The King Of Wakanda who will stay in our hearts forever.

Captain America; Civil War

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Captain Ameriva Civil war was one of the debut movies for Chadwick Boseman into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His portrayal as son of KingTChaka was magnetic enough for you to rott for it and everytime you watch this movie, Chadwick Boseman come son top almost as the main protagonist, within the conflict that has other heroes being pitted against each other.

Message From The King

Message from the King

The 2016 movie starring Chadwick Boseman is one proof that the actor had proved his kills even before he became a marvel cinematic superhero. This movie is also currently on Netflix and you can watch it there.


Gods Of Egypt

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This movie is not available on USA region netflix but might be available for your country. The movie can also be seen on amazon prime video. Chadwick Boseman plays the character of Thoth in the movie.

We will always miss the actor and believe it was too soon for him to leave us. For more updates news and witty content log in back to witty culture.