January 24, 2022

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Does Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Neutral Policy Gives Way To Political Bias And False Theories?

It is important to understand the role of social media as it has a really subtle way of impacting our lives. A decade from now facebook was fast becoming a fast growing platform before other giants like Snapchat and Instagram were a thing. Mark Zuckerberg has always maintained that facebook remains a non political platform with a strong focus on personal privacy with facebook community guidelines. Most of s also remember facebook as a social media platform that unites old friends and where your closed ones can share pictures and status with you, where you keep in touch.

Facebook doesn't use microphones to spy on you, says Mark Zuckerberg- Facebook Neutral Policy

As most of the marketing experts know that facebook being such a large community is not just a social media platform. It is also a marketing tool for big companies and political campaigns, which results in billions of dollars of revenue for the platform. So when Mark Zuckerberg talks about facebook’s policies of being politically neutral, they do not talk about the paid political campaigns which are clearly gives one sided opinions to the campaign that is being paid for to be displayed on facebook.

NSDC, Facebook partner to train youth on digital skills - Facebook Neutral Policy

So when you come across and ad which promotes Donald J Trump makes claim on how they have been successful in controlling COVID, you have your own doubts. You can also understand that advertising ( happens through facebook pages pushing sponsored ads ) is a $80 billion business and is also constantly going. So it is also natural that political parties of either side gain from it.

Facebook will link all 2020 US election posts to its voter hub - Facebook Neutral Policy

Facebook also has mended it’s community guidelines as to what it deems offensive or hateful that violates policies. That clear you can see favours those who use facebook as an agenda platform to gain public attention and positive opinion. Some critiques have also questioned the use Facebook neutral policy by some large corporations in US Elections 2020.  This post is not to criticize facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg but it does raise question as to how facebook should be used, as a marketing haven or it is also about the users that make the social media userbase of 2.7 Billion. The theories can also be counter argued but a large no.  of users on social media platforms are influenced by daily opinions on their news feed so this becomes an important arguement.

Google, Facebook and Others Broaden Group to Secure U.S. Election - Facebook Neutral Policy

Let us know what you think about the advertisement campaigns and facebook neutral policy for 2020 elections. We would be glad to hear from our readers, for more such stories and content from technology, social media and life keep reading wittyculture.com!