January 23, 2022

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Google Android 11 To Launch On Select Premium Smartphones Like OnePlus, Pixel & Realme

Since the launch of first android smartphone in 2008, Google Android has become a worthy competitor to Apple’s flagship smartphones running on the iOS. A recent news confirmed that the new Google Android 11 will nowabe launched on select Google Pixel phones and 4 more brands. Google has revealed more details about the upcoming Android 11, check in the post below:

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The new Android 11 platform comes packed with new multi-tasking features, some more controls over privacy for one time app permissions. The Android platform will be made available to some exclusive flagship smartphones of brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme and One Plus. Some phones such as the Oppo Find X2, Mi 10 series and One Plus 8 series will be getting the beta version of the new android update.

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The android system comes packed with a lot of user friendly features and overall finds a lot of acceptance among it’s users. Xiaomi, Oppo and Real me will also offer free updates to it’s current user base. The OnePlus series 8 users are also able to get the OxygenOS 11 which is based on the Android version 11 from Google. The smartphone market grows as lucrative as ever with so many affordable options.

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Google Pixel 2

This seems to be a timely and wise set up by google to compete with it’s biggest rival the Apple iOS in the coming time starting 2020. Some mention worthy features for the new Android is Bubbles, better dark mode and allows greater control to users for privacy and permissions. However there will be some exclusive features coming with this version of android only available to the Google Pixel 2 users. The feature to have a live preview and sharing google map location will be reserved for Pixel 2 and above.

Google seems to be taking of building it’s eco system to suit the ever growing user base. The good thing about the android phones is that you can buy a smartphone right from the $100 range to a Samsung S20 for $999. The future looks good both for Android and iPhone users with so many upgrades and price ranges. Let us know what you think about the Android vs iPhone debate in the comments section below. Hop back to witty culture for more.