August 14, 2022

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Henry Cavill Reported Unhappy On WB Rebooting Black Superman

There have been many changes at WB when it comes to their planning a palette of constant disconnected DC Universe. Now after Snyder cut, even though fans are keener on a constant DCEU film. WB has is trying to reboot many of it’s franchises including The Batman and The Suicide Squad. When it comes to the news coming from DCEU things are always rather sketchy and fickle. Some fans still believe that Ben Affleck is still the Batman and WB has now also signed more projects with Robert Pattinson Batman. There seems to be a back and forth between the studio and the actors. Fans have not only demanded to restore the Snyder cut but also they also have since 2016 also asked about a Man Of Steel Sequel. So this is natural when WarnerBros has also announced a new Superman projected which would have likely cast a Black Superman.

A 'Superman' Reboot Is Reportedly In The Works, Set To Feature A Black  Superman | Entertainment | Rojak Daily

This could also contradict with other reports as WB making a Man Of Steel 2, but if our sources are to believed then Henry Cavill is in fact very upset about WB making a Superman project with a black actor being cast as Superman.

Zack Snyder Thinks A Black Superman Movie Is 'Long Overdue', But Henry  Cavill Is Still His Superman - WorldNewsEra

Hollywood on many occasions has made it a point to cast a diverse range of actors as being more inclusive and acceptable to a larger movie audience. If you ask the fans than Henry Cavill has also received a great response from his Black Superman suit and his character arc in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. WB at this time is making decisions in many directions but most of the projects are in the pipeline. If we get to wait for some more time we will know what exactly pans out for DCEU and it’s the interconnected universe. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill should still remain the official Superman untill further report.