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How Relationship Starts Nowadays And Why It Ends ?

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Social Media

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Nowadays, 70% of relationships start with social media. It’s okay, it’s good enough that we have this facility, but most of the people are just approaching someone because they are feeling lonely. They want someone to care for them, give them special attention, and mostly for some benefits. So, they want a relationship.

It’s a Yes

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Now, one of the people who is approaching talks a lot, chats a lot, try impressing, and show all their constant efforts, constant care towards them that makes the other people feel like it’s genuine. Yeah, it may be genuine by some people or may be not. Then, after just a few days, weeks, or a month. There is an instant proposal by that other person. Then, luckily it’s a yes.

After, It’s a Yes

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Now, it’s a yes. The relationship has started on the just basis of likings and not a strong bonding. It’s 80% attraction and 20% feelings. As you all know what happens after entering a relationship ? Most of the people desire for benefits and if the other person wants too. They both have all the benefits like online and offline. Ultimately, after all those romantic talks, all those benefits, after some months one of the people gets bored and stops giving the same amount of time, they were pouring in a relationship.

Fading Starts

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Now, there comes fights, issues, doubts, insecurities. Why? Because there is no strong bonding. There is a communication gap. Why? Because the person is now no more interested that much until some benefits happen again and give a spark to this so-called relationship for one day or week. Then fading starts again. Why? Because the relationship was all based on attraction and liking.

It Finally Ends

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After fading starts, there is a limit one day of both the person. an argument happens which turns to a big fight and that ultimately ends everything with just a simple word call Breakup or either there is no argument. There is an instant blocking and never turning back again. Maybe, there is also a leaving without information prior. Maybe, there could also be an excuse that “Let’s be friends again and I can’t handle a relationship to get rid of them.”


Never enter into a relationship without knowing each other, without having a strong bond, without clearing to yourself and them that you have an attraction towards them. You want a relationship because it’s just that you are feeling lonely, you want someone to care for you, to give you attention, you desire for benefits, and for having those benefits, you want to name this a relationship. So, if someone is looking for the same they can give you benefits thinking you are genuine and you don’t hurt someone real for your causal needs.

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