October 19, 2021

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Social Media Has Legendary The Batman Fan-made Poster For HBO Max Ben Affleck Movie

There are things we have only wished for but could not get except when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was made a reality this summer. It would be wrong to say that DC Fans are asking for a Batman film that stars Ben Affleck, one of the most impressive performances as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Also, all doubts have been undone as Snyder Cut version of Justice League has an improved Batman and also Affleck does Justice to whatever he has gotten in Batman V Superman to Justice League in 2021. The fan-made poster looks a legendary interpretation. Now that Zack Snyder fans know the power of their hashtags and HBO Max’s willingness to make more DC related projects ( if something works it works ), the hashtags for restoring the Snyderverse and bringing back a DCEU Batman film is also gaining momentum.

It is also evident that Warner Bros studio executives looked unhappy on Zack Snyder gaining all fan sympathy and trashing the theatrical Justice League as cannon. Though some standalone films like Aquaman and Wonder Woman have done wonders, the fans still want an interconnected Universe where the same characters are played by original stars of DC’s main timeline. The fans are confident that HBO Max is listening and they can get another movie, given that Zack Snyder’s Justice League has gotten an overwhelming response too.

Fans have also in the past demanded a Batman vs Deathstroke action scene for his movie given that we were also so close to getting a Ben Affleck directed Batman movie. The project might have been scrapped but the hardcore fans of DCEU do not want two different Batmans. Sorry no hate for Robert Pattinson, he will do a great job but the current Warner Bros vision is not winning fans over either. The debate is eternal but a Batman film that has Ben Affleck and his Batman villains and a backstory that explains Robin’s death would be a treat to watch for sure.