November 29, 2021

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A Study Shows: People who had pets were less stressed and depressed during lockdown

pets can help reduce your stress and depression - wittyculture

This Phase of Corona virus has affected our lives in every possible manner whether it is financially, mentally, emotionally and physically.

In this lockdown, people are forced to stay at their homes for a couple of months and people who stay at home alone without contacting anyone have been known to feel more lonely and depressed by hearing about rising number of c0rona cases. But a new research shows that the people who had a pet with themselves during this phase of lockdown have felt less stress and depression than people who didn’t have any pets.

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A survey is conducted by researchers at the University of New York, where they involve 6000 UK citizens where they were trying to get their views that how people managed their schedules at home during the initial phase of this pandemic.

Lead researcher Dr. Elena Ratschen revels that people who owned a pet showed better mental health than others who didn’t have any animal companion. Around 96% people told that they stay away from stress and depression in this lockdown by spending the quality time with their pets. She also Revealed that this result was regardless of the type of pet – dog, cat, pig, etc. We also found that the emotional bond with pets did not differ by animal species. So it will be important for the pet owners that they should also support and take care of their pets during these corona times.

having a pet can reduce stress and depression in lockdown wittyculture

The survey also brings out that the pet owners were also little bit tensed about the wellbeing of their pets in COVID-19 because Government has added the restrictions (like taking dog out for walk). And the pet owners also feared that who would take care of their pets if the owners fell ill.

Co-author Professor Daniel Mills, a life scientist at the University of Lincoln explained, “This work is also important at present time as it shows how having a companion pet in your home buffer against some of the stress associated with the lockdown. However, we need to appreciate our pet’s needs too, as our other works were failing and these can have a harmful effect for both people and their pets.”