July 2, 2022

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Should Killmonger Be Brought Back For Black Panther 2 In The MCU ?

There has been a lot of talk amongst fans for the decision not to cast T’Challa in the memory of Chadwick Boseman, the original Black Panther actor in the MCU. Michael B Jordan was also a fan-favorite character that was killed off in the first Black Panther movie. After the passing away of Chadwick and fans wanting Killmonger, there could be some deals that could work out bringing Michael B Jordan in the most logical way possible.

As if 2020 already wasn’t heartbreaking enough, fans got the devastating news of the passing away of the Black Panther Marvel star, Chadwick Boseman who was going through multiple treatments for his Cancer ailments, a long-kept secret of the actor. Now that Marvel movies are entering Phase 4 and director Ryan Coogler was working on the sequel to the 2018 hit Black Panther, Marvel had to obviously go without the original actor. Now the question remains how Marvel handles this transition in the best way possible staying loyal to the fans and also honoring the memory of Chadwick Boseman. Though there have been reports that Marvel will now focus on a Wakanda-based story rather than the main cast and the titular character, there also have been online petitions to recast Black Panther and continue what Chadwick and Ryan Coogler had started. Fans also argue that there are a number of ways in which this can be done.

Since Michael B Jordan was such an important character and has fan support there could be a version of him in the Multiverse that could return to the main MCU timeline. Marvel can also take inspiration from the comics since the Killmonger could still be brought back from the ancestral plane where all the Wakandan would are found after they die. There are also story changes that are obvious and that can be explained in the Doctor Strange into the Multiverse Of Madness. Keeping the legacy of Chadwick alive director Ryan Coogler and Marvel can come into an arrangement to expand the Black Panther story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a way everyone would be satisfied. Even if Killmonger does not return from the soul world, an alternate multiverse version of him can still be used in future Marvel films and we are ready for that.