November 29, 2021

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The Best 5 Items To Buy On Ebay Under $100 Saving You Money!

Well who doesn’t like saving money we all do want to be able to make value purchases of our items and not end up over paying for so many products and services that we also deem as essential. Ebay is a medium of online shopping has also evovled a lot more than what it was. If you think that you cannot buy quality products under $100 and save money than you might need to rethink this and check out this post. These are 5 best items you can buy on Ebay under $100 this fall 2020 ( this is not a sponsored post we like picking money saving tips for our readers ).

Shopping on eBay has evolved. Here's what to know.


An Android Smartphone Like Nokia/LG

Best Nokia Android Phones 2020 |

Usually you will find some good smartphones in $100 to $150 range with decent features and a really good camera. But you will end up overpaying for these products.  Some of these products you can also buy unlocked so you also do not owe any money to another brand like at&t or Verizon.

Branded Sunglasses

RAY BAN | Sunglasses & Optical | Fashion | CapitaLand Malls

Image Credits : Ray-Ban

Many of you might be surprised that while you might be paying over $200 for sunglasses of latest make and design, your favorite brand of sunglasses like Ray-Ban can be easily found under a really good price. Most of them are also factory sealed and brand new shipped from other state.

Bean Bag Sofa Sofa Sack - Plush Bean Bag Sofas with Super Soft Microsuede Cover - XL Memory Foam Stuffed Lounger Chairs for Kids, Adults, Couples - Jumbo Bean Bag Chair Furniture - Charcoal

Yes you need to be picky with this one but you can find really amazing deals and also with a 30 day money back guarantee, such brands that you also find on Walmart can be found on ebay. An average bean bag sofa is likely around $135 but you will also find many under the $100 price of different makes.

PS4/Xbox Gaming Bundle

PS4 / Slim / 3 Game Bundle - things to buy from ebay site

Many of these games are even refurbished by companies and small businesses, but believe me buying a bundle for under $75 which has sometimes 10+ games is always a wonderful deal even if you love only half the titles because of the average cost of your gaming collection goes down.

A Stylish Pair Of Sneakers

Buy Vans Pride Shoes | Vans Old Skool Rainbow Sole Unisex Skate Shoes - Best items to buy from ebay

Can you believe that you always run out of budget for your branded sneakers as it is not an essential for many. But if you check for sneakers and running shoes on your ebay app you will find that many brands like Reebok, Puma, Nike and Vans have reserved prices for sellers where they are selling them on ebay in about a $45 to $65 range.

If you like this post than you can easily save a lot of your extra dollars and if you like this post do share and let us know what is on your buying list. If you like this article we can get a part 2 of the same content. Till then see you again.