July 2, 2022

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Things To Remember Before Getting Life Insurance And Securing Your Family

For many people life is very uncertain, so purchasing a life insurance and looking towards many policies prove to be a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. Yet there is no denying the face that many Individuals and families want to get the best Life Insurance policies ( especially when the household also has dependents ). You can always get some professional advice before going for a certain type of policy. Here are the things to consider before going for an insurance policy.

Decide On How Long You Need The Policy ForCovid-19 effect: Insurers get 900 treatment claims worth Rs 18 crore | Business News,The Indian Express

There are many types of policies that can cover about 30 years or 50 years depending on your need and installments. There is also a way to calculate your life expectancy and some policies will only mature on death or retirement. One can decide how long you need it for.

Name A Beneficiary

What You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Life Insurance Policy


An important part of policy insurance is who you want to benefit from life insurance. The first step is to name a beneficiary like a spouse of parents. One also needs to keep other factors in mind which we will discuss shortly.

Calculate The Amount Of Coverage

Life insurance gains ground among UAE nationals and Indian expats amid COVID-19 | ZAWYA MENA Edition

You can use few parameters to calculate the amount of coverage. It involves four key factors as Debt, Income Replacement, Mortality And Education.

Debt: How much amount you expect to add for your home loans, mortgage, car loans etc.

Income Replacement: You need to calculate the amount needed to replace your income for the number of dependants and how long they need the supporting income for ( life expectancy, number of years ).

Mortgage: Mortgage Debt to cover with policy

Education: Consideration regarding children’s education and college needs

Other Factors

Some life insurance policies mature after a certain number of years and some are permanent and have a death benefit. Other factors to consider is life expectancy, home expenses, life expectancy. of your spouse etc.

Trusted Advice

One needs to device a way to find a policy that works best. To make sure to chose a policy that covers your needs and to have a suitable installment plan you also need trusted advisor. ome people go to the same family agent and some people prefer a professional advice from a trusted Insurance agent.