July 2, 2022

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Whatsapp Might Have To Withdraw It’s Mandatory New Privacy Policies

Facebook might have enjoyed more of a niche on social media and the silicon valley giant has also bought popular instant messaging app Whatsapp. While most people do not care about being on Facebook, there have been some questions raised about the social media platforms’ use of users’ private data. Facebook has enjoyed more of a niche in this regard and has gotten away with a lot of what they do. In a recent turn of events with Facebook make it’s users accept Whatsapp Privacy rules to use user data for ads, many countries like Germany have asked Facebook to withdraw it’s platforms policies as they cause serious data breach to their private citizens. This was a blow to Facebook as Whatsapp had recently advertised not asking users to delete their account and in fact the user data being encrypted on Whatsapp messaging platform. This time facing backlash with some European countries, facebook might not longer be issuing privacy policies on usage of Whatsapp Data for running Facebook ads.

These events are not surprising given the fact that facebook has been asked to present more information about how they utilize user data and sell them to advertisers for making money. Facebook on most ocassions has drifted away from answering controversial questions like that. Now when it comes to Whatsapp privacy policies, a lot of European countries and Governments in US, Canada and India have also shown additional concerns as facebook might be violating majot state laws and federal limits. Then again facebook big a big corporate needs to function in all these different countries to survive. This move is to make sure that facebook cannot freely harvest user data to make money. In short facebook has too much freedom and global users even resisted the new policies citing they might leave the instant messaging platform in favour of safer messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.